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I saw Toy Story 3 with dragged_up! :DDD IT WAS AMAZINGCollapse ) ugh the whole movie was perfect and wonderful and exactly what it was supposed to be.

I ALSO HAD MONO DDDD: and I am not entirely sure where it came from. Money I guess? or a friend of a friend. it was ridiculously crap, but I am better now \o/?

I have a job! but it is at greco/captain sub and I HATE IT SO MUCH FFFFFFF. The people I work with are mostly awesome and I'm allowed to say whatever I want to prank callers, and everyone makes dick jokes all the time so I fit right in? BUT I HATE IT and I only get 15-18 hours a week, so I am going to quit if I can get a permanent second job. probably.

I have a second temp job at another pizza place, but it is MAKING ME WORK OVER PRIDE WEEKEND so I will miss the parade :(
I AM ACTUALLY GOING MAD D: someone's car alarm has been going for nearly an hour nonstop. it is like that water-drop torture, BUT WITH SOUND

one down, three to go

There is even the distinct possibility that I passed! :DDDD

I am definitely taking at least two hours off from studying, but I might cave to my exam anxiety later on tonight; I don't even have two to study for my next exam D: it is Wednesday afternoon, and I am pretty worried about it, since I have to get a pretty high mark to pass the course.

Whatever, I'm pretty sure my job interview went well, even though it was for administrative assistant. Filing is part of that job too, right?

My roommate is watching Avatar: The Last Airbender for the first time, and I am kind of watching with him; it's really neat to watch it with someone who hasn't already seen it! I wish I could watch it for the first time again. He skipped ahead to seaons 3 (because he is terrible and should feel terrible) and he is going WTF WTF WTF and I won't tell him what's going on because that is what he gets for not watching the whole thing. I'm making him watch the episode with Koh after this though, because that is a level of horrifying that needs to be shared.


EDIT: AAAAGH ARCHDEMON WHY WON'T YOU DIEEEE? It keeps running off to this little island that I can't reach except with ranged weapons and the ballista keeps jamming but my rogue is dead and I have the stupid knights with me because the mages are all dead and I didn't want to risk my archers (after learning my lesson with the stupid mages) while it was stomping around the main platform and >>>>:( this is more annoying than fighting SPOILERS, I GUESSCollapse ) because even though I couldn't look at it, at least I managed that in one try. it was by the skin of my teeth, BUT IT WAS STILL ONE TRY.

today is a terrible day

I just lost a big chunk of my essay and stupid Open Office won't give it back >:( It was a really good point and now it is gone forever, because I can't remember it.

I think it is time for a break, or else I might give in and throw my laptop out the window.
instead of editing my last entry. IT IS LONG ENOUGH, and kind of whiny.

I have been thinking, and what is probably the weirdest part of living with my ex-boyfriend is the way we interact now. IT IS LIKE I HAVE A SUPER ANNOYING BROTHER and it's kind of ridiculous in (mostly) a good way. WE WRESTLE IN THE KITCHEN and pester/annoy the shit out of each other! I have a younger sister, but there is a bit of an age difference (6 years) and we got along pretty well without doing the purposely annoying thing, so this is a new experience for me.

It is great fun, except for how we get mean at each other sometimes when we are drinking (he usually starts it, but I pick fights sober so I can't really say anything) and the part where he thinks it hilarious to touch me with his feet >:( FEET FREAK ME OUT. They're so weird looking, and his are more freakish than many because he can move his toes weirdly. The part where he hates comics and makes fun of me for getting so excited about queer people in media sucks too. SORRY I LIKE SEEING PEOPLE LIKE ME ON TV/IN COMICS/MOVIES/VIDEO GAMES :(
I am SO BAD at keeping in touch, it is pathetic and I always feel bad.

I have a job interview Tuesday morning! For a clerical job at Veteran's Affairs, which means a pretty decent salary! AND I LOVE FILING, LIKE THE ORGANIZATION-OBSESSED LOSER I AM so even though it isn't at Citadel Hill, I will probably enjoy it anyway if I land the job \o/ however, the interview will cut into my last minute studying for the exam I have 5 hours later D: That is what the bus ride will be for, I guess.

I'm enjoying dragon age a lot, even if bits of it make me angry. SO MUCH GENDER FAIL >:( I'm soldiering on though, because I love epic RPGs, and it's nice to play a North American-made one for a change (sorry final fantasy :( i am still terribly fond of you).

And I remembered to bring my tablet back with me after I went home for Easter (I forgot my rain boots though, because I am incapable of leaving my parents' house without forgetting something /o\) so I will get off my ass and scan shit soon. Probably.


back to studying I guess ;___; I JUST WANT TO PLAY DRAGON AGE, I am so close to the end I can taste it. It tastes like victory and wasted time \o/

Mission Accomplished


At the moment, the most coherent I can make my reaction is OMG OMG OMGOMGOMG :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD: WHEN IS THE THIRD ONE I NEED IT IMMEDIATELY

Time for a dude!Shep playthrough now, I guess :D: although that means I have to replay both games, since if you don't import a ME1 character into ME2, things that were decided by your actions at the end of ME1 are automatically chosen, including lol spoilersCollapse )

in the middle of some calibrations

The difference between playing Mass Effect 2 on my roommate's HDTV and on my dinosaur of a TV is insane :DDD: I can actually read the codex and dialogue options. AND THERE ARE NO MORE DRIVING MISSIONS FUCK YES \o/ although that is not related to the TV.
Midterms are over, so I finally have time on my hands \o/Collapse )

[EDIT 2]: I AM RAGE-QUITTING DC, no really, I mean it this time >>>>>:(
Who has two thumbs and remembered to check the Olympic schedule? ME, THAT IS WHO \o/


Tonight is going to be yet another night where I stay up too late watching hockey. Other than speed skating it is one of my favourite sports to watch, so sleep vs hockey is a legitimate dilemma for me /o\ Sometimes I am the embodiment of the Canadian stereotype AND THAT IS A-OK WITH ME.

[EDIT]: the poor Swiss skier DDDD: THAT FALL LOOKED LIKE IT HURT A LOT. oh god, she's crying ;_____;

[EDIT 2]: There is a lot of falling skiers this afternoon D: Whatever was making all the skaters fall last night must be catching.
SNOW DAY YESSSS \o/ Of course, I now have a paper and two midterms the first three days back from spring break DDDD:

I've been catching up on video gaming lately, since I haven't had a whole lot of time recently.Collapse )

I am giving up alcohol for Lent (partly because I have no money to drink anyway), and start to go to church regularly (at least until Easter). It's been a long time since I was religious in terms of actual organized religion, but I miss the routine and tradition of church. Since I can't get home tonight for the Ash Wednesday service, I'm finally going to try out the church by my apartment :D: I think it's technically the United Church's service, but it's at the Anglican church because the old UCC's church is scheduled for demolishing or something? They're usually in the Conservatory, so idk.